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"The big difference I noticed at Right Path is that it’s not at all about trying to sell a 'secret formula' that will outperform anything else available out there. Just common sense, long-term building of your true wealth and financial well-being."

- Andy Jonckheere

"I feel that I'm much more of an active investor that can see opportunities in the market and I look forward to seeing how my trades play out."

- Kevin Mitchell

Bev Reilly Bev Reilly

Before I joined the Right Path Team I was just paddling about with some of the knowledge that I had gained over the past 2 years.  But I did not feel that I was gaining in confidence.  I felt that I needed a lot of "hand holding" and that I would never step out of that position. I started to think that perhaps I was just getting too old to start learning something this “complicated".

Then I had the opportunity to join the Right Path Club.  The personalised attention has made such a difference for me.  The mentoring has given me confidence to step out but definitely not into the deep end.  The team at Right Path have helped me refine my objectives and strategies and to identify my tolerance for risk.  They keep stressing that we are all different in these areas and that this is okay.  The opportunities and information that they present are suitable for all levels of traders and this has made me feel that I fit in and can develop these skills.  They have provided great resources that I can call on.  The Education Portal is a great fall back - one way to remind myself of things I may be unsure of or forgotten.  The Portfolios are real and the Trade Diaries are the actual trades they are making.

All of this confirms for me the genuineness of the Team at The Right Path Club.  They are truly interested in seeing you grow and flourish in your trading and I really enjoying that I am part of this community.

Now I am taking a change in career and I am able to devote more time to my trading career and looking forward to more growth with The Right Path Club

"I highly recommend Right Path and their team to assist anyone in developing their knowledge and skills with option and share trading.

I have been a mentor of Brad's for 18 months and now 6 months with Brad and Jarrod at Right Path. During this time I have been educated and guided through several styles of trading.

One key point for me is, they "walk the talk". Every trade discussed is a trade that Brad and or Jarrod would place themselves.

Brad has the passion and Jarrod has the detailed methodology that when combined makes a great team."

Terry Krisanski

"I have been mentored by Brad and Jarrod from The Right Path Investing since October 2016. I find Brad's insight in to the market and market trends to be extremely accurate.  He really is way ahead of the so called experts who always seem to be talking about the now and not the future. Brad is focused clearly on the future as opposed to the now, this is how he gives his mentors the edge and the insight needed to place the trades before everyone else pushes up the prices. He really is a breath of fresh air as he cuts through all the noise in the news and investment markets and zeros in on what we should pay attention to. Brad helps me to make sense of what is going on in the markets, what is important and what is not important.

I highly recommend the team at The right path investing"

Craig Liddell

"Before joining Right Path 18 months ago, I had no previous experience with investing in shares. I think one can read everything there is to know about the markets but unless you have someone like Brad and Jarrod, who are expert and completely committed to teaching you what they know, you will always struggle and short-change yourself.

The no-BS, apprenticeship approach to investing as a Right Path mentoree has been invaluable. I have gained so much confidence and knowledge about many aspects of the markets and am excited about what the future will bring. "



If you are serious about improving your trading results or for people who have never traded before I can't recommend strongly enough that you need to take the time to check out what Brad & Jarrod offer at Right Path.

I have grown and learnt an immense amount from them, especially in terms of my thinking towards trading and trade selection. Learning to think in terms of risk vs reward, potential for asymmetric pay offs and not getting caught up in the "hype" of whatever narrative the so called experts out there are pushing.

Lastly the education section that members have access to would easily be worth the monthly subscription, plus these guys are not just selling another trading course they have their own money on the trades they are talking about. 

It's a bit long winded- as its hard to try and sum up everything i have gotten out of being a member into just a few sentences..

keep up the great work you guys do!

Cheers Ben

Right Path Membership

  • Weekly webinars every Monday - with my thoughts and one deep value idea!
  • Bi Weekly market analysis and discussion of high payoff trades (Trader Membership)
  • Portfolio of deep value themes and ways to apply those themes (Trader Membership)
  • Invites to investor meet ups throughout the year
  • I walk the talk - most of the trades I am doing myself
  • No lock-in contracts or hidden fees
  • You're free to cancel anytime, for any reason

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"I cannot recommend The Right Path Club enough to anyone who wants to learn how to profit from investing. Save yourself time, money and frustration and Join the Right Path Club."

- Igal Uchitel

"Since joining I have seen a positive improvement in the manner I trade and the results speak for themselves as I have consistently made profits since I joined. This is a club without a ego. Right Path certainly are the most humble guys around and consistently deliver. It is a no brainer."

- Pedar Mac Chrosain

"I have spent a lot of time (and money) on ‘financial education’ courses over the past 5 years with most of them raising more questions than answers.

I was lucky to meet Brad and Jarrod along the journey and was impressed by their ethical stance and ‘no bullshit’ approach to trading education.

Their extensive knowledge demonstrated through observations, presentations and mentoring has been and continues to be invaluable to my success."

- Cully Kitto

Director, MBA

"After 15 or more years education in the markets from a host of different experts and experience, Brad and Jarrod have hit the mark for me with a consistent approach to a sound investment strategy. Both are open to one to one contact and I have found that to be of huge benefit, especially when facing difficult periods in the markets, and that is when it counts. I would happily recommend Right Path."

Kieran Bell


"I started with Right Path somewhere in 2015.  I find their education videos very helpful for beginners like me as they explained it an easy to understand basic format for the likes of me. Both Brad and Jarrod are extremely helpful and patient. Yes, PATIENT, especially for the likes of me who is learning this new skill. Am very grateful for that.

Since signing up with them, I had placed covered calls and done the Bull Spread options which were a foreign language in my vocabulary before. Having them as my mentors give me the confidence to do these trades.

I have also picked up deep value share ideas from them which am very happy with. I start small and like what Brad always says, (which I think is his motto J ), keep chipping away. Am happy to stay small on these trades for now as that enables me to stretch my capital over more industries and diversify as there are so many trade ideas to choose from.

I signed up for the mentorship late last year and am not looking back. Brad has been a very caring mentor and I believe he wants his mentorees to succeed.

I have no hesitation in recommending them as I belief in them."

Jing Lou

"Since joining Right Path I have seen my trading improve through focusing on a couple of strategies that don’t require use of leverage or risky selling strategies. Brad and Jarrod focus on deep value investing and income strategies that provide a consistent return with low risk . Through their guidance an mentoring I have been able to stay focused even when the markets are volatile sometimes profiting from those events."

Simon Larsen

I have always been interested in markets & like reading business & finance articles , I had purchased stocks but there was no strategy to my approach, & overtime forgot about them & ended up with a mix of local stocks that I never sold & don’t give to much thought too.

The introduction to the Right Path Club was an opportunity to develop my interest & deal with people who offer everything I needed,  experience , knowledge , direction & a genuine interest in educating someone like me.

I am enjoying the learning & the broad worldwide perspective in applying ideas

The Right Path Team offer plenty of opportunity to learn through their pods ,webinars, online education, book recommendations etc. At this stage I feel my progression is only limited by the time I can afford to put into learning from the Right Path Team

Ray Meyer

"Since joining Right Path I have seen my trading improve through focusing on a couple of strategies that don’t require use of leverage or risky selling strategies. Brad and Jarrod focus on deep value investing and income strategies that provide a consistent return with low risk . Through their guidance an mentoring I have been able to stay focused even when the markets are volatile sometimes profiting from those events."

Simon Larsen